Checklist: How to prepare your home for Real Estate photos

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One of the most important steps in the home selling process is taking your Real Estate Photos. In todays market your home will need to look at it’s best to stand out online. Since the majority of home buyers are beginning their search online making sure that your home is tip top can mean the difference between a potential buyer giving you a call or clicking on to the next home.

As a Real Estate photographer I decided to put together a checklist for home owners and Real Estate agents to help them prepare their listing to help make sure it draws the attention it deserves. 

1. Declutter surfaces​

One of the most simple yet effective ways of making your photos turn out great is to clear off all surfaces of clutter. Putting away any papers, mail, keys, remotes, fridge magnets, dishes etc. until all surfaces are clean and clear will allow the potential buyer to more easily visualize the home as their own. 

2. Remove personal items

You want any potential buyer to be able to easily see the home as their own. And if they see someone’s personal items then it hinders this. Removing toothbrushes, family pictures, jackets, keys, phones, shoes, etc. will increase your chances of selling your home. 

3. Replace bulbs and turn on all lights

A dark room feels small and uninviting. Turning on all your lights and making sure all your bulbs are working will make a huge difference. You want your home to feel big, bright, and inviting. Light makes this happen.

4. Turn off ceiling fans/TVs/Computer Screens​

Fans show up as blurs in your photos. And any screens in the home will only distract from the subject of the photos which is your home. Be sure all these are turned off before your photo shoot.

5. Remove Pet Items​

Removing any pet toys, beds, litterboxes, food bowls, etc. is going to make sure you do not turn away any potential buyers looking at your home online. Remember it’s all about making your home as neutral and inviting as possible.

6. Open curtains/blinds​

Opening curtains/blinds has a huge impact on the feeling of a room. Not only does it make a dreary room feel happy and inviting but it makes your home feel much bigger. And bigger is better.

7. Remove cars​

A car sitting in the drive way distracts buyers from what they are shopping for which is your home. Parking your car in the garage or just moving it out of the driveway is a must. 

8. Hide garbage cans​

Make sure that all the indoor and outdoor trash cans are put away and hidden. 

9. Mow and weed eat​

The exterior photos are the first photos people will see as they are shopping online. This means a well kept yard is a must when getting your house ready for photos.

10. Make beds​

Making the beds is much like removing any clutter. It makes the home feel more inviting and helps your buyer better visualize the home as their own.

I hope you find this helpful when you are getting ready to sell your home!

Marvin Brown

Marvin Brown

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Marvin Brown

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