Website Design Features

Custom Website
This is a website custom built to fit your brand. After we collect any relevant images and data that you provide. We will customize all your web pages and sections of your website to fit your brand and improve your ability to qualify and convert customers.
# of GB Storage
This is the total # of GB of SSD storage we allocate to store your website on our server.
Unlimited Email Accounts
If we host your email on our server. You can have as many email accounts as you need to run your business. For more robust email server options we recommend hosting your email with Gmail Workspace or other email servers. If that is the best fit for your business we will help set that up. *if your emails are handled on another email server such as google workspace, or GoDaddy’s MS Exchange, then your emails settings are controlled by their server limits.
We will keep your plugins, theme, and website all up to date. To ensure things run smoothly and everything is secure. Neglecting to update your website can cause security issues as well as website functionality errors. This is a critical mundane task that we handle for you.
Essential Support
This means that if anything breaks on the website, we will fix it for you. Also if you need support with updating a custom post type, product, event etc. we will help you understand how to complete the task within your dashboard. We give you the support you need to run your website.
Secured Back-ups
We set up a back-up which is then saved to our google cloud drive each week and stored for 6 weeks. This is to help protect your data in case of errors that could cause data loss. This will enable us to recover this data using the previous back-ups.
Google Analytics Monthly Reports
We install google analytics on your website. You will receive our custom designed monthly reports each month to your email inbox. This gives powerful insights into how your website is being accessed each month and beyond. This enables you to make better decisions and/or show case growth to potential clients.
Advanced Security
We install security plugins intended to protect your website data and integrity. This will protect from brute force attacks, blacklist suspicious IPs, enable firewall protection, and allow us to scan for malware on your website.
SEO Friendly
This means that we ensure all header, title, and meta tags are structured so that google understands what is on your website. We also optimize images and alt tags.
Online Events or Appointments
We install an event and or appointment booking system depending on your need. This makes your website capable of management events, appointments, and take payments online.
Custom Post Types
Sometimes your website needs specific custom dynamic content. We can create specific content that you can display dynamically on your website. Examples would be, Job Listings, Property Listings, Book Reviews, Portfolios, etc. If you need something to be updated often on your website and present it dynamically this is how we do it.
Advanced Forms
We setup forms that go beyond the essential ‘contact us’ forms. We can build surveys, patient registration, subscription forms, collect payments, get signatures, auto email PDFs and more. If you need a more powerful form on your website we will set it up for you.
Website Refreshments
When you host your website with us we want you to be able to run your business and not have to worry about keeping your website fresh. If you need to update some information on the website to get it current or make some adjustments to the colors or fonts. We are here to help keep your online business fresh. This does not include management of dynamic content such as posting events, adding new products, or booking services.
Google Ads Management
We will research keywords, look at your competitors, estimate potential income. Then we will use all of this information to capture more traffic, leads, and/or conversions through google ad campaigns.